Mick Fanning and Co., West Oz – Mick Fanning, Owen Wright, and Matt Wilkinson find rippable swell in Western Australia

It’s been a while since you’ve seen Mick Fanning, Owen Wright, or Matt Wilkinson without a contest jersey on. Let alone all three of them in one clip. Fanning kicks things off at a wedgey West Oz beachbreak and even does an air (kind of, 0:45) reminiscent of his younger years. Then comes in Owen […]

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Blue Deja Vu – Heaving sand-bottom barrels off the coast of France

If you love wine, cheese, and heaving sand-bottom barrels, France is your surf paradise. Blue Deja Vu focuses on Basque surfer Indar Unanue as he glides into well-overhead cold-water beachbreaks along France’s Atlantic Coast. Cameos from his neighboring Frenchmen Joan Duru, Maxime Huscenot, Vincent Duvignac, and Patrick Beven round out this four-minute clip.

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Taylor Knox, Various Locales – A year’s worth of footage of the legendary power surfer

Easily one of the most admired surfers of the past two decades, Taylor Knox’s unique mix of power and flow has influenced countless surfers, including much of the current World Tour. Shot and edited by Nick Pollet, this clip features footage of Taylor from the past year in Hawaii, Fiji, and Australia. Whether it’s Backdoor […]

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In Focus: Cape Fear – Mark Mathews at Ours in Sydney, Australia

Photographer: Bailey Jones Location: Cape Fear (a.k.a. Ours), Sydney, Australia Specs: Canon EOS 7D; 70-200mm f/4L; ISO 100; 1/250th at f6.3 Comments: “Cape Fear was pumping on a super east swell direction. That’s why the lip is so think,” explains Mark Mathews of this photo of him taken by 15-year-old Bailey Jones. “I was about […]

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Biggest Skimboard Wave Ever – Brad Domke goes XXL in the most finless way possible

Too big for a finless board. Too big to be able to maintain any kind of control with that sort of speed. Too easy. I mean, Lord knows how many times Domke was massively ruined during this session, but that ride looked like cake. For him. But then, there are his hands.

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What’s Your ASP Look Like? – Sean Doherty makes a case for his version of pro surfing

If you were given a blank piece of paper and told to go off and design pro surfing, what would you do? What type of glorious Mister Squiggle/Jackson Pollock abstract masterpiece would you sketch? It’s a favorite exercise of people who claim to have absolutely no interest in pro surfing whatsoever, people who then sit […]

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